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Squark is a no-code, automation-focused predictive analytics and machine learning SaaS verticalized for marketing analysts

Squark® applies machine learning-based prediction automatically, with no-code, for any classification, regression, or time-series problem. Create highly -accurate predictions—in minutes—with no programming. Made for marketing analysts to connect their spreadsheets, martech systems and other data sources, Squark puts the brilliance of data scienceinto the hands of non-technical business users via an easy-to-use, no-code online app. You don’t need to learn the complexities of AI and ML algorithms nor hire data scientists and programmers to implement predictive analytics and machine learning to find the insights and actions to power your business. You simply upload your data to Squark and click to get the results. Squark operates as simply as a spreadsheet. Using supervised machine learning, Squark builds and compares scores of models automatically from your training data and chooses the best one and then creates your predictions. Remarkably, the accuracy of Squark models is equal to or better than with custom development projects. This is the productivity breakthrough that puts AI power into daily use by marketing analysts at companies from the F100 to SMB. Squark's disruptive technology empowers the business user to go beyond traditional descriptive and diagnostic analytics and find the future-focused insights to action either manually or via marketing automation. Results are explainable and transparent and models can be exported for embedding into production systems, or use our API, or deploy Squark as a managed service or white label solution. Finally, you see timely answers to predictive questions—insights that were impossible using reports and traditional business intelligence tools can be delivered by your analytics team in minutes. With no code and no data scientists required. Try our Squark's Freemium version at before your competitors do.

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