On a Misson
We are a group of students who hate student debt!
So we decided to be debt-free when we graduate from university. We know it's an audacious goal but we are ready to take the challenge.
Our Story
We are startup enthusiasts and came up with the idea of FundingFyre to help fellow entrepreneurs with pitch preparation. We are charging bare minimum to pay off our tech cost and save some money to pay off our university tuition fee/debt.
A Recent Graduate
“I have a $37,500 student loan and am working hard full-time and part-time to be debt-free by the end of 2023.”
Grade 12 Student
“I’m finishing high-school and I work as a freelancer to save up for my university education.”
Freshman Student
“I’m in the 2nd semester of computer science engineering and working as a freelance developer to pay my tuition fees.”
This is the first version of the FundingFyre and we’ve an exciting roadmap in coming months. Stay tuned, we will not disappoint you!
Please feel free to send us a note here or add us on Linkedin or Twitter.
Thank you!
Abhishek, Ayush, Isha and Krish