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Our purpose is to help people stay healthy by delivering precise and easily accessible digital solutions.

We turn smartphones into diagnostics tools. 3.5 billion people worldwide lack access to essential health services due to inadequate medical infrastructure and shortages of work professionals. This leads to delayed diagnosis linked to worse patient outcomes and increased treatment costs. While limited financial and human resources remain a challenge, we want to leverage the power of technology to make diagnostics available directly in smartphones. With no extra devices and costs. To stop health inequalities and save lives. We have developed AI-powered technology that captures key health parameters from facial information. Be in charge of your own health, just within a few clicks. We are introducing the Shen.AI platform. It combines computer vision, advanced vital signs processing, and the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for health and wellness monitoring. Shen.AI platform provides an overview of health metrics, visual biofeedback, and a health assessment followed by clear guidelines for a better patient experience. And importantly, the technology does not record or process video of your face – your data always remains under your control. Mobile app – Heart Monitor – visualizes blood flow in real-time, enabling you to track cardiovascular health. It helps to recognize early symptoms of hypertension, a leading preventable risk factor for cardiovascular diseases and a cause of 7.6 million deaths per year worldwide.

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