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CloudZero is a SaaS platform offering real-time cost anomaly and waste detection to optimize cloud costs and prevent accidental overspend.

CloudZero brings the agility and culture of DevOps to cloud cost management. Engineers are the first line of defense against ballooning AWS costs, but the lack of context and visibility has made those engineers and their leaders feel they can’t take on that responsibility without it slowing them down. CloudZero empowers them to make the rightbuying decisions with a machine learning-platform that’s as agile and efficient as the cloud-savvy companies who use it. Our most important features are fully-automated cost anomaly tracking & alerts, AI-driven cost mapping, streamlined and simplified graphs/charts, and automatically generated resolutions for issues that are actionable and straightforward. Pulling reports, building dashboards, setting budgets— these are all things of the past. CloudZero’s automatically brings items that require engineers’ attention to the surface in the spaces where they already work. Meanwhile, the snappy and streamlined UI provides deep engineering context that makes it all super easy to investigate and explore. With CloudZero, organizations now have the ability to understand operational cost at an architectural level, repeatedly and in real time, enabling all stakeholders to understand, interpret and contextualize cost related information across products, teams, departments, and the organization as a whole.

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