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Blockpit has developed SaaS products for monitoring, analyzing and investigating digital assets based with focus on TAX and AML compliance.

Blockpit has developed a cross-platform monitoring solution that is intended for both companies and private crypto currency traders. This enables a clear calculation of the taxable crypto income and an acceptance of the tax return by tax consultants. Crypto traders are often unaware of taxes on profits. Regular trading makes it difficult to keeptrack of the individual trades. This is mainly because every single transaction, including the exchange within crypto currencies, must be valued as a taxable event. If the tax office requests a declaration or proof, it will be difficult to provide this afterwards. This is where Blockpit's software solution can help. The monitoring platform automatically records all sources of income and creates a clear log. Every single transaction is imported and guarantees a daily documentation of all trades. In addition, the user receives an overview of the development of his portfolio and information on taxable profits and speculation periods.

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